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Join Us and Make a Difference

Join Us and Make a Difference

League of Women Voters, Bowling Green
Proposed Wording of Ammendment for August 8 Special Election Ballot
Key Dates for Ohio August 8th Election
Issue 1 Wording for Ohio August 8th Special Election
The current standard for approving an amendment is a simple majority. This proposed amendment requires a 60% vote threshold instead of the current 50% plus one.

Currently, petition signatures are only required from 44 counties. The amendment requires signatures from 5% of only those voters who cast ballots in the last gubernatorial election from all 88 counties.  "There is a difference between 5% of all eligible voters and 5% of the most recent gubernatorial election," LaRose said.

Petition gatherers currently have 10 days to get more signatures if they fall short of the number they need. It's eliminated in this proposal.*

*A cure period for a ballot initiative, veto referendum, or candidate nomination signature petition is a time period for candidates or ballot measure proponents to collect additional signatures if they fell short of the required number with their initial submission.
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